Updated Proxee.net program

We've recently updated our Proxee.net Skype program to v8.0 to address a couple of issues. Updated server list to include our new Australia 1 server (australia1.proxee.net:2441) Will now allow you to edit & save your Skype path upon clicking "Proxy On" (mainly for non-default Skype installations where the Skype executable does not reside ... Read More »

24th Nov 2017
Updated server list

TL:DR - Make sure you have our latest proxy program for Skype - https://proxee.net/proxee.exe and make sure you update your Chrome browser proxy list in our extension by clicking the "Initalize" button for the latest available servers.We're currently in the process of moving our infrastructure to new service providers therefore we will be making ... Read More »

16th Nov 2017
New changes & updates [10/31]

Hi there! We are currently in the process of consolidating a couple of our services in order to provide a more effective and stable platform. Over the next few days/weeks you might notice that some services you were using may not be accessible anymore or their name(s) have changed. We have outlined our changes and how they affect you as the ... Read More »

31st Oct 2016
Website, Seattle 1 & Seattle 2 brief downtime [1/3]

Between 7am and 10am PST on Sunday, Jan. 3, our ISP will be rebooting their Seattle router in an attempt to fix a problem with a network interface that is preventing the interface from working. This should lead to about 5 minutes of connectivity loss for our website and our Seattle 1 and 2 servers. This brief downtime could lead to users not ... Read More »

2nd Jan 2016
Major maintenance 12/6/2015 [IMPORTANT]

Between 12:30am and 4am local time for our service on Wednesday, December 16, we must patch almost all of our servers. This is an extremely important update that addresses many bugs and potential vulnerabilities and is something we MUST do as soon as possible. This process will take approximately 30-60 minutes per server. The following server(s) ... Read More »

14th Dec 2015
Looking for browser proxy testers - [11/11]

Need a few people to help us test our browser proxy system. If you're interested open a ticket or message us on Twitter.

11th Nov 2015
New York 2 lag & brief downtime [10/27]

On 10/27/2015 @ 7:28PM EST it looks like there was a bit of an issue with our New York 2 server which resulted in a brief period of downtime. We went ahead and checked it out and it should all be working again. Our failover server successfully redirected all of the New York 2 users' traffic to a backup server so hopefully the interruption for ... Read More »

27th Oct 2015
Chrome/Firefox browser proxies coming soon!

With-in the next few days/weeks, we hope to have a fully functioning Chrome (and hopefully Firefox) solution which will allow users to be able to purchase a seperate browser proxy service that will enable you to have peace of mind when clicking questionable URL's that have been linked to you. This will allow it so if you were to click an IP ... Read More »

26th Oct 2015
Late night maintenance [10/6 - 10/9]

Over the past few days i've been performing background maintenance, upgrades, and changes to our back-end system to improve stability, update our automated ordering platform and so on. During this process, some of you might have received multiple emails which were most likely duplicates of email you had been sent days or just even hours earlier. ... Read More »

9th Oct 2015
Worldwide Skype outage [9/21]

If you're unable to connect to Skype today, it is due to an issue with the Microsoft/Skype service having issues and being down. This is an issue on Microsoft/Skype's side and NOT an issue with Proxee.net. More can be read here: http://heartbeat.skype.com/2015/09/skype_presence_issues.html

21st Sep 2015

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